My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones

Welcome to the bar, pull up a stool and I'll pour you a drink. Bear with me as I learn how to fully update my blog to what I want moving forward. It is great to be back if only for the fact that I'm happy to be writing in some capacity again. This is mostly for me because I have never been big on attention, but if I can also help get the word out on things that have left an impression on me either for the better or worse. 

I'm super excited to make this review my first post of the new blog. I was taken aback at how much I loved this book. The last few chapters I had goosebumps everywhere as more and more was revealed leading up to the very satisfying conclusion. 

So here is my dilemma. I really did love this book and I will flat out tell you know this is without a doubt 5 stars. However, I am so afraid if I say anything about this book it will ruin the joy you will get reading this book. So lets see how this works out.

So first and most important, our narrator Jade is a character I can 100% get behind. Her knowledge of horror moves and the macabre is even better than mine and in my family I am known as the go to Horror Guru.  She knows everything there is to know about being a Final Girl, but because of her messed up family situation and her ethnicity, she believes she will never be one, 

Jade takes us through her world as she stumbles on a supernatural murder mystery that will keep you guessing till the very end. I both pride myself and condem myself at my skills of figuring out the endings early on. Stephen Graham Jones not only humbled me, but had me completely turned around and I loved it. This’d was one twist and surprise after another all the way through. 

One of the things I loved in this book which some may not agree with is the chapters that pop up called Horror 101. I loved seeing the history of horror movies that brought Jade to her conclusions and it also allowed me to think about movies I have seen but haven’t revisited in a new light. 

Stephen Graham Jones has done his homework and he is a full fledge Horror fan to the Nth degree. So excited to have read this book. I’m thoroughly hooked on Mr. Jones and I plan to read all of his stuff. He is also a really great and nice guy if you ever reach out to him on social media. 

This will review will not do this book justice but I had to get this out there. More people, more Horror fans, need to read this book. I already said this book is a 5 star read, but I am going to be so unoriginal and give this 5 knives. 

🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪


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