Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race by Frank Miller

Batman The Dark Knight

I am a rare breed. I am one of the very few, if not only, person who read Fran Miller's The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and hated it. I didn't like it so much I never read the follow up book The Dark Knight Strikes again. So you might be asking why on earth am I reviewing this book? I got caught up in the hype. I follow DC Comics on twitter, and I keep up with the DC Comics All Access app and every article and snippet of art wasn't missed when I was nerding out. Now I have been very fortunate to have been approved for books from DC Comics and Netgalley in the past, but I never expect to get anything I request. This was one book that I would have been fine if I got turned down but was still interested enough to want to read this. 

Thank you DC Comics for the opportunity to read this book for a review. When I first opened the digital file and saw it was over 300 pages my first thought was what did I get myself into? Now that I have gotten my negativity out of my system you will see there is a reason for it. I couldn't believe how fast I flew through this book. I sat down one evening with my wife and I started this book and finished it in no time. Once I started I couldn't tear myself from this book. I loved every page of this and I was so shocked at how much I was enjoying this. 

So this books is set will in the future. Batman has been missing and Superman has hidden himself away in his fortress. Not getting into specifics but The Bottle City of Kandor get released and the Kryptonians are made full size. They want our planet as their own. This story line has a very similar story line to the movie Man of Steel where Zod and the Kryptonians tried to turn Earth into New Krypton. Another similarity to the movies is we get to see Batman in the armored Bat-suit again. Again, I'm not going to give it away as to why, but Batman isn't the only one donning armor this time. Superman gets an upgrade too. 

I was so impressed with this story and I might even wait for a deluxe slip cover edition and add this to my collection. I will admit that that I'm not a huge fan of the art work in these books but I can understand that it fits the gritty writing style. All of my little peeves and such I liked this book. I never could believe that I am about to type this next sentence, but I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 


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