Wonder Woman Vol 3: The Truth by Greg Rucka

The Truth

I have been a fan of Wonder Woman for a long time. I'm one of those guys who has no issue with a strong female character. I love that Wonder Woman is getting the respect she deserves and the movie was fantastic. I'm the very proud father of a little girl and I'm so happy that she and my son take after their dad and love superheroes. My daughter always pretends to be Batman, or the Flash and never Wonder Woman. I want my daughter to be proud to be a girl and know that women can be strong too. 

The writing on this series has been really good. The stories have been really well developed and have worked as a year one story re defining Wonder Woman. I wish there was a little more action. As of the last volume Diana has lost her mind. She has realized that she has been lied to and lost who she is. Now Steve Trevor and his team have to try and get to Diana before this secret criminal organization gets to her. 

On the Paradise Island side something is changing and it is linked to Diana's well being. A sacred tree is dying and the Amazons are reading for battle in case something comes through that tree. We spend most of our time with Steve Trevor and less with Wonder Woman. But one of my favorite pages in this book is the different versions of Wonder Woman. Trevor will have to act fast to help Diana find herself. He will even have to look for help in an odd place. We actually have an appearance of Minotaur.

I really enjoyed this story but I would say the art work wasn't as good as previous books. The pages seemed to have a lack of detail in the background that was there previously. The characters were perfect as always. I enjoyed this book and look froward to continuing the series. I give this 4 out of 5 stars. Thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for allowing me to read this for a review.  


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