The Dark Tower (2017)

I have been waiting for this for so long. This movie was teased over and over again with new directors and new actors until it was finally made. I loved the books and it is one of my favorite epic series of all time. You can imagine my apprehension to finally see something I have been building up in my mind for so so long. My wife and I actually saw this movie on August 18th but I have been toiling over this since.

If you haven't read the Dark Tower series and would like to then I would stop reading my review. I will be sad to see you go but it is for your own good. Last chance, turn back now.

When the movie first started leaking tid bits about casting and plot I was getting really worried about the direction this was taking. Then I found a tweet from Stephen King that showed the Horn of Eld. The rumor mills started ramping up until we found out that this is a continuation of the series and not a visual representation. At the end of the Dark Tower Roland finds out that he has been running this quest over and over. He makes it to the top of the tower and then starts it all over again chasing across the desert after the Man in Black. This time, however, something is different. Roland has the Horn of Eld which he didn't have before. This change easily explains the differences of the movie to the book and I was ok with this direction.

The movie is a little on the slow side so here is your warning. Having said that I completely understand why this is a little slow. This is potentially setting up more to come and getting us to know the new versions of the characters. The action that is in this movie is really good and so much fun to watch. I also really liked Idris Elba who was better in this role than I expected. He is one of my favorite actors but I just didn't see him as the Clint Eastwood esque Gunslinger I have always pictured. One of the other differences is that the movie focuses more on Jake then the Gunslinger which I can see will upset a lot of die hard fans. I consider myself one but since I am a huge fan of DC comics, the idea of a multiverse is something I am comfortable with. I looked at this like the Flashpoint story in the DC Comics.

In true King fashion this movie has so many easter eggs and and references to other King books throughout the movie which is awesome. I loved spotting the different references and the little things in the movie that only those who read the books would get. There are these rodent creature things in the movie that were human skins and these are straight out of the book.

I have thought and though about this for awhile as to exactly how I was going to rate this movie. It was a little slower than I liked, but I enjoyed the plot. The acting and characters were impressive and a joy to watch in these roles. I also got a kick out of finding the hidden references. I liked this movie. I was expecting bigger but it was enjoyable and I can't wait to watch this again when it comes to digital. 4 out of 5 stars for this movie. Next on my movie calendar is IT. I can't wait to never sleep again.   


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