Superman Vol 3: Multiplicity by Peter J Tomasi

A big thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for letting me read this for a review. I have been a big fan of the Superman since Rebirth. I was very happy to continue on this series. The last two books were really good and the mystery around My Superman in this new Earth world has been one that has kept my attention.

This book starts out with this exact topic. Things around Clark are starting to change. The river (or creek, I don't remember) has run dry and Clark has no idea what happened. Until a guest star grows out of the ground. Swamp Thing has shown up to explain that the frequency around the Superman I know doesn't match with the frequency of this Earth and it is causing nature to pull away. Superman needs to leave or submit to Swamp Thing in order to put the natural order of Nature back to normal. The first issue or two of this was a lot of fun to read and I always like with Swamp Thing shows up in an issue of one of my favorite heroes.

Once the story with Swamp thing has passed we finally get to the reason for the title of this volume. A "for lack of a better term" collection of Supermen have come to this world chasing a threat. That villain is hunting Supermen to even the scales and our Superman will have to team up with all these other worlds' Supermen to save the earth and the rest of the Supermen.

I have really enjoyed the Superman books during Rebirth. This was an interesting read and really held my attention. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 


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