Hal Jordan and the Grenn Lantern Corps Vol 3:Quest for Hope by RobertVenditti

Quest for Hope

I have been a fan of Green Lantern for a long time. I remember reading Kyle Rayner's stories and I remember Hal Jordan's Rebirth, so this book has all of my favorite Lanterns in it. This book marks some big changes in the world of the Corps. To be honest I missed Volume 2 for some reason. I thought I had read it and jumped at the chance to read this book. Thanks to Net Galley and DC Comics for letting me read this for a review. 

Volume 2 apparently had another war with Sinestro which was won by the Green Lanterns. Leading the way Lantern John Stewart is head of the Green Lantern Corps and he gave the Sinestro Corps an ultimatum. Join the Green Lanterns and fight along side them or be arrested. While trying to play nice and build a bigger more unified Corps Kyle is tasked with finding the only Blue Lantern left. Hope is needed in the universe and the Guardians of the Universe are looking to find Saint Walker and try to help him grow Hope. 

As you can see from the Cover our Front and center Lantern, Kyle Rayner, is no longer sporting the White Lantern uniform. While trying to help Saint Walker something happened that drained  Kyle of all the different emotional spectrum except Will. Lots of big changes in one volume that had my head spinning. The rest of the story involves a villain from the future and an appearance of Rip Hunter the time master. 

I loved this book. I read this in one sitting and the ending had such a twist that I cannot wait for volume 4. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 


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