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Green Arrow vol 3: Emerald Outlaw by Benjamin Percy

Emerald Outlaw Let's just say that during New 52 I was less than impressed with the Green Arrow books. The character was nothing like what I remembered. I wanted the Emerald archer from the year one books and the wedding album where he gets married to Black Canary. That guy was lost in New 52. Rebirth changed all that and brought back the hero I had been missing.   A big thank you to DC Comics and Netgalley for allowing me to read this for a review. I have really enjoyed this series and can believe all the things DC has done to Oliver Queen. First they took away everything of substance and meaning from Oliver. Next the writers did something I never thought I would see in the pages of a Green Arrow comic. They killed Oliver Queen!!! Of course if you are reading this I am going to assume you have read the previous book or don't care to. Oliver really isn't dead but the villains and the city think he is.  So what's left after taking everything and killing a

The Flash vol 3:Rouges Reloaded by Joshua Williamson

Rouges Reloaded I am very grateful to DC Comics and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book. I have been very fortunate to be able to read these great books in Rebirth for reviews and this was the Flash book I was waiting for.  Since Rebirth started there has been a lack of classic Flash Rouges and we had no idea what happened to them Were they laying low until the city calmed. Central city had been plagued by a speed force storm and a slew of random speedsters. A new villain named Goodspeed putting the city in a state of terror, then there were random lackeys that tried to live up to the legacy of the Rouges. This book is the triumphant return of our favorite villains/anti-heroes. The Rouges have been keeping a low profile and planning the theft that will finally beat the Flash. Starting with a trip out of the country to steal something outside of Central City hoping the Flash wouldn't figure it out. This is only the first step of their master plan that leads to

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad Vol 1 by Joshua Williamson

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad You have no idea the excitement I had when I saw this book was coming out. When DC Comics and NetGalley had this up for review I jumped on the chance right away. Thank you DC and NetGalley for letting me read this for a review. Getting the approval was fantastic and I couldn't wait to start this one. Sadly I had other things on my plate that made me late to read it and my review is later than it should have been.  Ok, so if you have read any of DC Comics or seen the movie (which I am one of the few who liked the movie, minus Jared Letto) you know who the what the Suicide Squad is. These are criminals forced to work for Amanda Waller because she has put a tiny explosion in their necks and if they don't their head becomes airborne. Waller has a new assignment for the group and there are some new faces along for the ride. Killer Frost has been added to the team. As they head out on their mission Batman has begun one of his own. He is out