The Dark Tower by Stephen King

Well I have finished my re-read of the Dark Tower and just in time for the movie release in August. I really can't wait for this movie and I have had gift cards to the movies set aside waiting for this, and other movies this year. I'm going to do this review a little differently. I tried to review this the first time I read this and you can see that review on GoodReads if you really want to. I dance around what this book is about and gush way more than I really needed to. This time I'm not going to review the synopsis. You can read that on the dust jacket, back of the paperback, or on GoodReads. This is the last book in the series and everything has led up to this. 

The first time I read this book I was completely sucked in by the grand scale of everything. I hung on every word and then couldn't wait to talk about it with anybody. Sometimes they didn't even care I was reading this. My wife is a saint. This time was different. My opinion has changed on a few of the books in the series and I was a little worried that this book may not live up to the experience I first had. I have to admit this time around was different and I was worried that it would fall from my second favorite book of all time. 

I was expecting something grander and the beginning of the book was kind of flat. Here we are on the next leg of the journey only to fall into another town with another problem for the Ka Tet to solve instead of moving closer to their own goal. That being said there was a lot of heart in this book. This next stop on the way to the tower saw the reunion of an old friend who is one of my favorite characters in the series. This also turns the tides on our heroes journey and the Ka Tet begins to fall apart.

As I had mentioned there is a lot of heart to this story which means a lot of different emotions all wrapped into this final chapter. This is a roller coaster that will take you from excitement all the way through to bitter anger and everything in between. To add to this emotion there is a good bit of reference to IT and other books in this one. We get to see what has become of the rose and the Tet Corporation. After the flat opening there is plenty of answers and story wrapping through the rest of the book. The ending is what can be controversial. I have read a lot of review and the amount of people that like the ending, and hate it are split right down the middle. I will have to say that I liked the ending. Even now I didn't want this saga to end and I am so glad that the movie has found a way to do that.

I did love this book. It is still one of my favorites and little issues aside I can say it still holds that second favorite spot in my library. I still hold to my original rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I am so excited to see the movie that opens this Friday. I won't be seeing it on Friday but I will soon. You can find my review of the movie here on my blog once I do. 


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