Fort Solitude by Derek Fridolfs

Fort Solitude

The Secret Hero Society books are really cute. My son and I look forward to each of these books because these we read just the two of us. We read a ton of kids books together with my daughter and we read the Harry Potter books with my wife, but these are just Father and Son time. 

We both really enjoy the fact that these books are about our favorite heroes but as kids around my son's age. In this book it's summer camp time. Our heroes have been sent to summer camp and strange things start to happen. Campers who win competitions mysteriously vanish. Now Clark, Bruce, and Diana have to figure out what is going on before there are no kids left. 

The first book centered around the big three with Bruce Clark and Diana. In this book we get more heroes involved like The Flash, and Cyborg. These books are a lot of fun to read. They incorporate so many different forms of telling a story. There are journal entries, text message, camp flyers, and comic strips. We enjoy reading back and forth between my son and I. He could read these all on his own but I enjoy that he wants to wait to read them with me. I appreciate this time we send together before he gets older and realizes I'm not cool. 

We enjoy these books and they are really cute. My son is 7 and I am going to brag. He reads at a level above his grade. These are easy quick reads ans a lot of fun. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and encourage any little fan of Superheroes to give this  a read.  


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