Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love by Sarah Vaughn

I have always been fascinated with this hero. Deadman is a former daredevil who died while performing a stunt and now remains on this plain to help those in need. Boston Brand has popped up in many different series I have read and I always like the stories he is in. I know he is in the Justice League Dark series but I have yet to read that one. When I saw this book pop up on Netgalley I had to throw my name in the hate to read this. Thanks to DC Comics and Netgalley I got that chance to read this for a review.  

Ok so this book is about Boston being drawn to this house. He isn't sure why and he usually helps people but there is something different here. When he finds it he becomes trapped and there is a Spirit in torment. While in the house the current residents come home. A man who is trying to write a book and his girlfriend who has this connection with the spirit world. I have to say this story is a little slow but it is haunting. I was completely fine with the slow build throughout the book because it helped create this eerie atmosphere. Usually a comic has a very short time to get your attention so the action and story need to be right up front. This however needed to be paced out.

The story was great but the art work in this book stole the show. The covers for these issues were fantastic and the best part of the artwork. To be fair though the rest of the book is packed with amazing detail that really stood out. I have included a few examples. The combination of both art work and writing made this book an easy 5 out of 5 stars. I will say this about the book. When our female character lead was thinking the text boxes were a very light blue with white writing. Reading this digitally it was really hard on the eyes and I had to take breaks. I'm sure this wont be a problem in the print version but fair warning if you read this digitally. 

I am really impressed with this and I hope to see more adventures with Boston Brand in the future. I would love to read more and I am going to look for his origin story so I can read the beginning of Deadman. Thank you DC for letting me read this for a review. 


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