Wonder Woman Vol 2: Year one by Greg Rucka

DC knew what they were doing when they did a Year One story for Volume 2 to coincide with the Wonder Woman movie that also has an origin/year one story. I have loved reading Wonder Woman but have missed a few during New 52. I will catch up at some point but for now I am trying to keep up with Rebirth and not miss a thing. Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics I was able to read this for an honest review. I fell down on my reading a bit so I am a bit late getting this review up but I'm back and ready to read. 

Greg Rucka is a great writer and I have loved his stories in the past. This one just wasn't my favorite. I really liked Vol 1 of Wonder Woman. Diana is dealing with conflicting memories of her origin and has partnered up with Cheetah to take down a demon. It had a really goo start to a larger story line and then it was a bit unsettling to interrupt that with a Year One story. I'm not saying this isn't a good book, just that the timing on this book was a little poor. It is great that it came out with the release of the movie, but here I got all excited to continue on with what I read in Vol 1 only to go backwards and move away from that story.

We still got a very good Wonder Woman story it was just out of place for me. Instead we get to see Diana train to become the champion of the Amazons. We get to see her meeting with Steve Trevor and the tough decision to leave everything behind to help save the world of Man and stop Ares from his torment over mankind. 

Ares is impressive and I always enjoy the stories he is in. I feel like I am being a little unfair on this book just because it didn't really fit in with what my expectations were. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, I still look forward to getting to vol 3 now that the year one story has been done I hope to get back to the now. 


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