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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Half-Blood Prince Slowly but surely we are getting through this series with my oldest. He is a huge fan of Harry Potter and knows his trivia already. The look of his face when we got to the end and the big surprise hit was priceless. If you have read this book or when you read this book you will know exactly to what I refer.  Book 6 in this series is dark. The wizard world now officially knows that Voldemort has returned. Now that the world knows Harry and Dumbledore are not crazy, the pressure on them has become tougher than ever. Everyone may know Harry was right but now they know he is the chosen one. Harry is in fact the one person to end Voldemort. This book has two story lines that progress through the book.  The first story line leads right into the title. Harry is taking potions this year and he didn't expect to The reason is Snape is now the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher and since the new teacher isn't as strict Harry can follow his school plan t

Song of Susannah by Stephen King

Song of Susannah I enjoyed this book both times I have read it now. I went back and read my old review on Goodreads from when I read this back in 2011 and I was disappointed with my write up. It is really hard to write up a book in a series towards the end of it. As I have written more and more reviews I have come to terms with the fact that when I read a series I cannot write to those who have never read anyof the books in the series. I will not spoil the book but I will write a true review that will possibly spoil parts of the previous books. I say this so that you are officially warned. If you have any interest in reading the Dark Tower, read the other books before this review.  This book picks up right where Wolves of the Calla leaves off. Susannah has gone through a door in the cave of the Mani and Jake, Roland, and Eddie are left to find her and save the tower. As our heroes wonder what to do next a beam quake hits hard shutting the door way into our world and Jake is

Wonder Woman Vol 2: Year one by Greg Rucka

Year One DC knew what they were doing when they did a Year One story for Volume 2 to coincide with the Wonder Woman movie that also has an origin/year one story. I have loved reading Wonder Woman but have missed a few during New 52. I will catch up at some point but for now I am trying to keep up with Rebirth and not miss a thing. Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics I was able to read this for an honest review. I fell down on my reading a bit so I am a bit late getting this review up but I'm back and ready to read.  Greg Rucka is a great writer and I have loved his stories in the past. This one just wasn't my favorite. I really liked Vol 1 of Wonder Woman. Diana is dealing with conflicting memories of her origin and has partnered up with Cheetah to take down a demon. It had a really goo start to a larger story line and then it was a bit unsettling to interrupt that with a Year One story. I'm not saying this isn't a good book, just that the timing on this book w

Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017) One word... FANTASTIC!!!!! My wife and I have been waiting for this movie for so long that at Christmas time we asked for Movie gift cards so we could seer this and Justice League because we knew money would be tight. We waited in anticipation until the day came this came to theaters and I want to go see this again.  The movie fits in with the current universe of DC movies as it opens but hten this is a flash back origin story in the best way. Gal Gadot was absolutely impressive in Batman versus Superman and she surpassed that performance in this movie. We see Dinana Prince walking into the Louvre on her way to work and a Wayne Enterprise truck shows up to deliver a case to her. This is where the story flashes back to when Diana is just a little girl on  Themyscira growing up under the shadow and protection of her mother the queen. Here we get to watch Diana grow up until the world of the Amazons is shattered by the arrival of Steve Trevor as his plane cr