Superman Vol 2: Trials of the Super Son by Peter Tomasi

I requested this from Netgalley and DC Comics for two reasons. First of all I wanted to read a story that involved Superman and his son, and Batman and his. Just the cover alone made me want to read this. I also wanted to read this because Action Comics Vol 1, was such an amazing story/reboot of a Superman franchise that I felt had really lost its mind during New 52. 

I was really disappointed with the Superman books really before New 52. They started to get too ridiculous with their story lines and I just didn't want to deal with it so I gave up these books. Since I felt that way I actually skipped Superman Vol 1 and didn't bother to request it. Well the Cover for that first Action Comics volume made me curious and I am so glad I read it. It renewed my faith in these books and it was rewarded with this book. 

This book is broken up into different stories. The first one is really kind of heartwarming. We get to see Clark, Lois, and Jonathan as a family and just enjoying the county fair in their new home. Getting junk food, riding rides, and teaching John about girls and what not to say is fun and I enjoyed seeing this side of Superman.  

The next section of the book has to do with Superman and Batman training their sons. Damien hates Johnathan and wants nothing more than to kill him or at the very least put him out of commission. Superman and Batman understand the need for teamwork and are determined to find a way to get these kids to play nice and work as a team. It doesn't help when the fighting between the two boys destroys one of Batman's Labs. I remember that look I would get when I would fight with my brother and something ended up broken. 

I didn't feel that this book advanced the overall Superman story to much but it was a really enjoyable story that not only didn't disappoint but was fun and a fast entertaining read. I'm so glad I was granted this book for a review and I will be picking up Vol 1 to get caught up. I also will be continuing with this series as soon as Vol 3 is available. I also need to mention that I just love this artwork. The page on the right with the darkened Superman and Batman looking over the destruction Damien and John just created is just perfect.

This book was awesome and I am so so glad I read this. It is an easy decision to give this book 5 out of 5 stars. This year has given me a lot of 5 out of 5 reads and almost all of them are Rebirth books. Thank you DC Comics for getting back to the way things were and writing great stories again for the Superman line. 


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