Green Arrow Vol 2: Island of Scars by Benjamin Percy

I'm just going to say it. I love this series. I have read Green Arrow on and off for a long time even before Arrow started on the CW. I am so fortunate to be selected to read and review these books by NetGalley and DC Comics because this is a series I don;t want to miss. Oliver Queen is back and I love the return to the classic hero I knew in Rebirth. 

So of course this book picks up right after Vol 1 ends. Oliver and company had destroyed the floating island thing of the ninth and Oliver is yet again stranded on an island. However this time it is a little less deserted. Black Canary and Diggle are both on the island as well, they just have to find each other. Let it be no surprise that Black Canary finds Oliver first so we get a little romance in the book, which I actually enjoy. I love the relationship between these two and I actually own the wedding issue when they got married before New 52 shook things up. 

While on the island and looking for Diggle Oliver and Canary stumble on to a huge opium field. Well this seems like no good can come from this and Diggle is still missing. Now they either have to find a way to destroy the field or find and stop what ever this is being used for. There is plenty of action to be had in this book and I flew right through it. 

As I mentioned I do really like the relationship between Oliver and Canary. It is just the right amount of romance for an action packed comic that I always look forward to moments between these characters. It also helps round out this suspenseful plot. I highly recommend this book and I can't wait for volume 3. This book easily gets my 5 out of 5 star approval and I am so glad this series seems to get better with each volume. Her is hoping this trend continues. 


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