The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton

I've had this book for such a long time. Way back when this book was first published in 2013 I think Jeffery Deaver (My all time favorite author) wrote a little blurb praising this book. He had mentioned the suspense and how well this story is structured and I have to admit, he was right.

As you may or may not know I am in a bit of a reading funk. If it isn't a comics book I have not been able to focus on it nor keep my attention on the book for long. This was the first book in awhile where I found myself not working and totally focused on what was going on. As I type this I have to admit that even though I couldn't stop reading this, it was a subject matter that tore me up inside. 

This book follows Reeve who is a survivor of being kidnapped, tortured , and raped for multiple years at a time. Now she is all grown up and asked to help her therapist with a new young woman who has escaped her captor and the parents don't like the idea of a male therapist after what their 11 year old daughter (I think she is 11) has gone through. Reeve has to set aside her fears and insecurites to help this little girl cope with everything she has gone through as well as the major adjustment of coming back home after a year or more of absence. 

We meet Reeve and get to know her but we also get to meet the most horrifyingly despicable waste of human flesh out there in the kidnapper. He is clever and has this all planned out. He works with an unsuspecting person to hold the girls for when he needs them and then has a fall guy when things go south. The kidnapper is connected with law enforcement and always has a way around any situation. I'm a father and the father of a little girl and I am not good dealing with situations where girls are kidnapped and raped. I worry about my little girl every day because there ore horrible people out there that will try to prey on her as she gets older. My greatest fear is anything horrible happening to my wife or my kiddos. 

There si so so much I could say about this book but the only thing that matters is go find this book. This was a very good read and the suspense is very consistent through out. I was impressed with this book and when I found out Reeve is in a second book I now really want to find the next book. She is a great character and if the second book is written as well as this one, I'm sure I will enjoy it. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 


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