Superman: Action Comics Vol 1: Path of Doom by Dan Jurgens

Holy cow I have so much to say about this book and I am going to need anyone who really knows what has been going on up to this point to let me know if I am close or Far off. So I wasn't impressed with Superman leading up to New 52. Once he and Lois adopted Zod and Ursa's son I was kind of pissed off because I felt that one of the worst Superman movies ever, Superman Returns, had influenced the comics and they gave Superman a son. Now I feel the need to add to this comment that I loved Superman returns until the reveal that he had a son. Brandon Routh was wonderful as Superman and had an eerie resemblance to Christopher Reeve. I also want to put up a small warning. I don't feel that some of the things I am going to talk about are spoilers but as I wrote this I started to think that maybe someone would rather find out this stuff on their own. I'm to excited to not talk about this so if you go past this point there may be SPOILERS. `

So I stopped reading Superman so I missed the whole New Krypton story line and all of New 52 until the very last book. When DC Comics and Net Galley were kind enough to grant me early access to this book for an honest review I was very interested but didn't have high hopes. I'm being honest here. Little did I know that this book was going to start with not just a bang but with an explosion and a shock. Robbers are attacking  and a glowing Blue S comes flying through to save the day. What we do not realise at first is that glowing Blue S belongs on a mechanical super suit worn by none other than Lex Luthor. This single act brings Clark Kent out of hiding with his Wife, Lois Lane, and Son Jonathan Kent. 

New 52 Ended with Superman going super nova and dying because of a Kryptonian Cancer. During this ordeal Batman and Wonder Woman stumbled upon a Clark Kent from another Earth with the same powers who they brought in to help save the world. Where did this Clark and Lois come from and why are they here. Well this book sort of answers these questions. We find out that This version of Clark and Lois come from another Earth and they fled for some reason that I don't know . We kind of find this out because while Luthor was grand standing about saving the day wearing the S and the cape from the dead Superman of this world, Doomsday escapes. Yes, you read that right Doomsday is loose on Metropolis once more and Luthor and Superman have to work together to protect the people.

This is where some of my questions were answered. Superman has this internal monologue where he talks about how he fought Doomsday before and his death. We even get Lois reminiscing about how she felt watching as he died and she was helpless. This was amazing and I want to know why what I will consider our world's Superman is now on the world we are following. Then what happened to the Batman we were reading about since before New 52. If we were reading about one Earth up until New 52 then what exactly happened that caused us to now be reading about a new World and what is going on in the Earth we have known and loved for decades. So many questions that I can't wait to find out. Anyone who reads this that knows exactly what's going on, please leave some books in the comments I should read because now I have to figure out all of this.

Oh yeah and we get a guest  spot with Wonder Woman helping this new Superman, who I really like better than New 52 Superman, fight Doomsday. This book was phenomenal.  I know I have said that about pretty much all of the Rebirth Vol 1's I have read but DC has stepped up their game. The writing is amazing and the art work in some of these books is outstanding, and even the work that isn't a joy for the eyes is still really impressive. I love this book and this is yet a gain a 5 out of 5 star read. If you haven't started Rebirth yet I highly urge you to. I have yet to read the one shot that started this but these books are amazing all on their own.  


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