The Worst of 2016

If you are like me you judge your year based on the book s you have read. I know, this makes no sense but a die hard book lover totally get this concept. I may not have had a ton of stellar books in 2016 that I read, but I can say this is the first year I didn't have a single 1 star read. I didn't have any books I hated but quite a few I was just disappointed in. So here we go. 

So let's kick it off with a recent one Star Wars: Bloodline. The hype for this was so misleading. This was supposed to be the book that explains how Ben Solo becomes Kylo Wren. Instead it was all about politics and during the election season this was the very last book I wanted to read. It was written well and I could see if I was a bigger Star Wars fan I would have probably enjoyed this more. I was just very disappointed. I wanted this book to be more, and had much higher expectations.

I found my attention wandering and being just bored at times. I don't feel this book is worthy of a 1 star on my rating scale but I wish I hadn't read it when I did at least. 

For my second disappointment of the year I have to give that to The Girl in the Spider's Web. I loved the initial trilogy and was so excited to hear there was a partial fourth book by Stieg Larsson. Of course it had to be finished by another author and this is where the problem began. I could tell while reading this that the author was really trying to make this book feel like the others. The whole story felt forced and there was some rough scenes in this book that really didn't make sense to advance the story. It felt like it was only in the book because these types of scenes were in the previous ones. 

The story was patchy and dull. The suspense that grabs you from the beginning was lacking from this book. I had heard rumors that this series might continue under the new author, but to be honest, I won't be continuing. 

I had one other big disappointment that I will mention but the review hasn't been posted on the blog yet so if you really want to know what I thought. Check that post out if you have a few minutes. The Troop was this book that even Stephen King raved about how horrifying it was and my expectations got so big that when I read this it wasn't scary and it was just ridiculous. Not ridiculous in a an awesome way but in a way that made me roll my eyes hard.

Here is hoping that this year proves to hold books better than 1 star and that the only 5 star books are not just the re-reads. Happy New Year everyone.


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