Justice League Vol 1:The Extinction Machines by Bryan Hitch

This book gets right to it. Squid looking things are attacking the citizens of the world and enslaving them. The League is doing what they can to stop this but something is not only holding them back but steeling their powers. The purge is coming right before the Awakening. Flash looses his speed and the Lanterns loose their light. Those people under the control of these alien things chant that their power was stolen by the Justice League and they are taking it back. 

The team is a little different than where we left it in New 52. The staples are there, Batman, Wonder Woman, Barry Allen is the Flash and Aquaman are the heavy hitters. Cyborg is taking a bigger roll in this team but we have two new Green Lanterns and a New Superman. You read that right, a new Superman. Lantern Baz was around in New 52 so he has some miles on him but Jessica is new to the corp and she is still having issues with her confidence. If you haven't read up to this point in the Superman book and care to still be surprised then I suggest stopping here. I didn't read Superman until right before Rebirth so I know that Superman dies. He is killed by Kryptonian cancer, basically. During the last days of Superman's Life Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman stumble across a Clark Kent, Lois Lane and young Jonathan Kent from another Earth hiding from the world.

Now with the world crumbling, literally, and the universe possibly being destroyed the team needs to turn to this unlikely Superman to help them save the world. Clark has to decide if he wants to remain hidden with his family or be apart of something greater. 

I've got to admit, this was fun to read and I flew through it. I have to thank DC Comics and Net Galley for allowing me to read this for a review. I continue to be blown away by the books I read after Rebirth. I love my favorite heroes getting back to their roots and seeing some of the things I didn't care for in New 52 corrected. I can't wait to see where volume 2 takes us and look forward to its release. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I also have to say that I love seeing all of these heroes working together. There are some great covers in the series and the variant cover gallery in the graphic novel. 


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