Happy New Year 2017

Welcome to the new year and thank you for spending it with me and my blog. I have been away for awhile and I have been in both a reading and writing slump. It has been probably a month since I finished a book. I have hardly read any comics and haven't listened to an audio book either. So many things I wanted to accomplish with my reading and writing and my blog that just never came to be. 

Do not think for a minute this is going to be one of those sad depression confessions with how the post started off. I'm fine that I didn't get around to everything I wanted to do. I'm a little sad that this is the first year I didn't complete my reading goal on Goodreads. I could have adjusted the number down just so I could complete it but that would be cheating and I had already dropped the number mid year. Life was so busy for me and my family towards the end of 2016. My son has been doing great in school and I couldn't be more proud. My daughter is growing up so fast and she has become quite the little artist. She is only 3 but already is better at drawing and coloring than most kids I know at her age. Yes I am a father and no child will ever be as amazing as mine. 

My job has been great but stressful. I have been so busy with end of the year stuff and I have been asked to work on so many other projects that it is tough to keep up sometimes. Still I love my job and my company and couldn't be happier in my role stress and all. As much as I love my job it does take me away from my family. the late nights at home but working can be a bit rough and I am studying for a certification exam that is just killing me. I don't need the certification for my role unless I want to be promoted so yeah, I kind of need this and studying is tough. 

The one constant in my life is always my family. We have had our struggles but my wife and my kiddos are what give me strength and I love every minute I get to spend with them. I'm a proud dad and my kiddos surprise me everyday. My wife has been absolutely amazing and every day my love for her get stronger and stronger. She has been making dresses for our daughter that are absolutely amazing and she has some amazing talent with all things crafty. I'm a lucky guy.

Ok, so again I have some ideas for my blog and might even start another blog which will have posts once or twice a month so in addition to my book blog I may start another on a different topic, More on that if I get to it. I'm unbelievably excited about the Winter Classic this year. I'm writing this post before even the Blues Blackhawk Alumni game has been played but when this posts tomorrow is the Winter Classic and the first one that not only the St Louis Blues have played in, but the first one to be held in St Louis. I tried everything I could to win tickets to this game but will be watching from my couch instead. I love my hockey and have high high hopes for this season. Can't wait to see where this season takes the city and the team this year. I am also hopeful that next years post I will be able to announce I passed my exams and have been promoted. I know, big dreams but a man can hope.

Alright I have bragged about my year and stuff. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2017. Nerdist liked to refer to 2016 as the year of no Chill and I thought that was both hilarious and spot on. 2017 is uncertain but I hope to see some good come in the new year and good luck to everyone. He is to health happiness and family for everyone. 


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