Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl

My son is a huge reader and I couldn't be happier. He reads books like crazy and is grade levels higher in his reading level. I wasn't a big reader until I was in high school so I am really excited that he loves reading so young. My 3 year old daughter is the same way and my wife and I love it. We don't have much spending money but if the kids want books we buy them even if we shouldn't. For Christmas my son got a Roald Dahl boxed set and he couldn't wait to start reading these. I never read any of his books so I was ok with taking a break from Harry Potter to read these as a family. 

This book is pretty short. We plowed through this in 3 days. There are a lot of pictures throughout the book and Conner loved that. This is a cute story. Mr Fox has been stealing from three farmers and they have tried and tried to stop him. Finally an opportunity presents itself and the three farmers trap him and his family in their den. The rest of the book is all about how Mr Fox is going to out fox these dumb farmers. Pun totally intended. Boo if you want. I can almost feel my wife's eyes roll as she reads this. I'm a father so I am completely justified in all bad Dad Jokes I make. 

This was really cute and I enjoyed listening to my wife read while I got to snuggle with my son. I wish there was more story here. It was a fun ride but I would have liked more to the plot. I give this 3 out of 5 stars and do recommend this as a good family read. 


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