Best of 2016 and Goals for 2017

Reading through my last few years best of and Goals post I noticed one there is one common thing I try to do every year. I try to find more time to read my hardcovers in the comfort of my home with a cup of coffee or frosty glass of beer. Year after Year I seem to fail at this so I'm not going to have this as one of my goals this year. As of my last years goals I didn't find that reading time, I did start my re-read of the Dark Tower series but didn't start re-reading Jeffery Deaver's books. I also didn't begin a Christmas week reviewing Christmas movies and shows. 


So they what are my goals for this year. Well I hate to do it but I just want to get out of this Reading funk. I have set a lower goal this year for Goodreads at 65. I'm basically taking a step back a bit from reading in hopes that by stepping back it renews my vigor to read and write. I did review w alot more movies in 2016 and I would like to keep up with that. There are a ton of movies coming out this year I can't wait to see and my family has been kind enough to give my wife and I gift cards to the movies. Look for those reviews to come throughout the year. I also have been kicking around the idea of starting a second blog. Books is just one of my passions in my life and I have been toying with the idea of starting a second blog. One that would only have a post or two a month but include some of my other hobbies. More on this later if I come around to it. 


Well I have to give the top spot this year to Jeffery Deaver. Steel Kiss was amazing and creepy on a real level. This book is all about how our trusted household devices can turn on us one day and be the tools of our bloody demise. The book opens up with one of the goriest and heart wrenching scenes Deaver has ever written. A man at the mall is the unlucky victim of an escalator that has been tampered with. One push of a button and the hatch opens and the man falls into the gears to his death.  

I will admit that this book had its slower moments which isn't usually the case for a Deaver novel, but by the end all of these moments made sense. The ending was explosive with twists and turns I still didn't see coming and I worked hard at the clues to figure this out. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a well written thriller. There is some back story needed from the earlier books between Rhyme and Sacks. 

This year the bulk of my 5 star reads were re-reads of the book I have read previously. Harry Potter and the Dark Tower series high among those. One goal I did achieve was to catch up on the Dresden books. I was right, I'm going through withdrawal waiting on the next book in the series. There were so many books in the series that I loved but I think I am going to pick the last book for my best of post. Harry has been pimped out by Mab to help a group of villains lead by one of his most hated enemies Nicodemus. Harry has to find a way to honor the deal Mab made while figuring out how to keep Nicodemus from succeeding.  

This book was intense and fast paced. I flew through this book and then regretted not drawing this out. The wait has been tough as the new book hasn't gotten a release date yet. I love this series and hope there are many many more to come. 

2016 wasn't the biggest group of books I have read in a year and there wasn't many new reads that I enjoyed as much as the Dresden series or my re-reads but I had fun. I feel kind of bad that I fell into such a long slump that I haven't pulled out of yet. I read two books just before the funk really took hold and just got around to writing those so I have something to post next week. He is hoping I can get back into things to keep up my 3 a week posts. Good Luck with your reading goals for this year. 


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