Aquaman Vol 1: The Drowning by Dan Abnett

Welcome to Rebirth and a new start for Aquaman. The king of Atlantis is working very hard against the wishes of his people to bring the Atlanteans and the land dwellers together. Arthur has created a land bridge embassy to allow the heads of governments can meet with the heads of Atlantis and come to an understanding as well as get to know one another. 

While trying to bring two worlds together a dark soul is hellbent on revenge and he is planning on doing whatever it takes to bring Aquaman down. Black Manta is going to destroy Aquaman and get his revenge for his father that Aquaman killed. To make matters worse, a new secret organization have plans to undo everything Aquaman has worked so hard for and bring about a new war between the Atlanteans and our world. Here is one of the covers from an issue in this collection. Gives you a sense of just how dire the situation is.

Not only is this a new beginning while keeping up with the events of New 52 but we get a great cameo from another hero. Superman himself has a brief spot in this book. Again, the situation really is stacked against Arthur. There is so much in this book that sets the stage for the next volume.

The story is actually very well done. I have been so impressed with Aquaman since Geoff Johns took over and then towards the end of New 52 the story started to get stale. This book is a fresh start that I hope brings some really interesting stories in the future. I easily give this 4 out of 5 stars. A big thank you to Netgalley and DC Comics for giving this to me for an honest review. I'm honored to get the chance to read this and really excited for the future of not only Aquaman, but the rest of DC Comics.


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