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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Well hello to all of my loyal readers. All three of you. I have to admit I have been pretty lax in my blog posts recently and even more so on my reading. I am in the worst reading funk since my son was born. I have been so busy and preoccupied that all the free time I have is reserved for trying to catch up on sleep or spending time with my wife and kiddos. They grow up so fast and this is thee busiest time of year for us with all the family to see. I wanted to write one final post for 2016. I have decided that this is the beginning of a break for me. Yes I know I have been on a break on and off for awhile recently but I need to step back. I'm going to hopefully get back into reading and take this time to try and stock pile some reviews so I can get ahead of the game at my new slower reading pace. There are so many books I have on my to read list and so many I can't wait to read. I just haven't had the drive to pick one up. I wanted to be through the Dark Tower series