The Gates by John Connolly


This was a really odd book. I have heard good things about John Connolly and I have been anxious to read one of his books. Sadly since the only time I have is for audio books at work this was the only one I could find at my library. I had no idea that this was a young adult book until I started to read it. 

This book opens with the story of creation of existence. After a lot of footnotes about the beginning of existence we jump to a young boy named Samuel Johnson who has decided days before Halloween he is going to go Trick-or Treating to beat all the other kids to the best candy. I have to give Connolly credit for this Idea because I loved it I can totally understand the was Samuel thinks to make sure he gets the best pick, but the logic is flawed because not everyone gets candy until the day of. This begins to solidify the character aspect that he is an odd duck. After a failed attempt at his neighbor's house known as the Abernathy's, Samuel finds a side window looking into the basement and spy. While Samuel and his dog peak in to the neighbors house they see a portal open and replace all the people in the basement be replaced with demons. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Abernathys and friends of theirs were participating in a devil ritual.

Ok now I need to switch gears and show you the other side of this story. We get to meet some scientists who work on a Particle Accelerator and while watching data, they noticed that a particle escaped the accelerator which should never have happened. This section of the book is the scientific explanation of how the gates of Hell have opened to allow demons to roam free of our world. Satan himself has been watching this accelerator because he feels it is the key to setting him free. Or he is a fan of The Flash TV show, who knows. 

I honestly don't know how I feel about this book. It wasn't scary but that is probably because it was written for a younger audience. It is a very lighthearted read for such heavy dark content so this doe succeed in being funny and cute in some spots. It is just not what I was expecting or really hoping for. I can't fault the writing because it was well structured and there is clearly talent there. There was an over abundance of Footnotes that interrupt the story constantly and that was really annoying. Explanations can be worked into a story so much easier than by using footnotes. I've seen it done plenty of times. 

Alright, so if I have to give this a rating I'm going to fall smack in the middle with a 3 out of 5 star rating. I could easily give this 2 stars because of the annoying footnotes and the fact that the book didn't live up to my expectations. However, to be fair this did keep me engaged for the most part and Connolly's writing was good enough that I really want to read his adult fiction but I'm not sure I will continue with this series. 


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