Superman: The Final Days of Superman by Peter J. Tomasi

I have not read any of the Superman books since New 52 started. I stopped reading comics when my son was born because I couldn't afford my outlandish spending on comics so I lost touch with the world of Superman until New 52 began. Since Superman is one I enjoy but not my favorite hero I put these books on the back burner and then started hearing somethings I wasn't to keen on. There was a lot that was changed in Superman's story, most notably the fact that Lois and Clark were just friends and the man of Steel was dating Wonder Woman. No matter how many times I see this it is still weird. I figured with Rebirth having started I would just pick up with Superman here and see if it was back to the hero I knew. Then I heard that Superman was going to be killed once again. I had to find out what was going on. The Superman Doomseday story was epic and one of the best comic book stories I have ever read so I wanted desperately to find out how they were going to kill the Man of Steel this time around. Thanks to Edelweiss, and DC Comics, I was able to get an advanced copy for a review and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Ok, here is my warning, I hate spoilers and with this book I'm not sure what could be considered spoilers because I haven't read any of the Superman books that leads to this. I'm going to write my review and say what I want and if you want to remain completely in the dark as I was when I read this then skip to the last paragraph and see my rating. 

Last chance... Ok so here I wondered what villain of super villain team was going to bring down the indestructible Man of Steel and I anxiously swiped pages on my digital copy till I found out that Superman is being killed by Kryptonian Cancer. Are you Frikin kidding me?!?!? Apparently there were 3 major events in the Superman stories that made him susceptible to a Kryptonite tumor. One of the events also has Superman win a battle by letting off a solar blast. What the hell is this?!?!? Since when has superman had the ability to blast solar energy like an A-Bomb? I really have missed a lot. There were also so many similarities to the Death of Superman that kind of irritated me. In this book we have a Superman created from the solar energy from the blast giving him this energy power. Wow, this sounds really close to the Eradicator Superman from Return of Superman. Also we have a Superman who wears the black onyx suit with the Silver S logo on it just like how Superman came back from the dead the first time. 

So you have read my grievances let me tell you what I liked about this book. It opens with why Superman is dying and he gets his affairs in order. I really loved watching him go to friends and family to tell them the bad news. There is a great scene after Superman tells Batman the news that I really liked. We also get to see the trinity back in action to find this energy version of Superman which was a lot of fun to read. The artwork in this book was really good and I love the detail in every panel. This was a well written and artfully drawn book. I think I would have enjoyed it more if there was a little more information at the end of this book and if I knew what was going on leading up to this book. 
Even since I haven't read anything I can say that I enjoyed this book despite my issued. I give this one a 3 out of 5 star rating. I might go back and catch up on the New 52 books but I will have to wait and see what happens ffrom the ending of this book first. 


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