Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray

I was expecting something completely different that what I got with this book. I had read articles on blogs and reviews that said this was what happens to Ben Solo to become Kylo Ren. I figured off the description for the book I was finding this would be awesome. I am dying to know how Ben Solo became the evil version of himself. I was so excited to put my name on the reserve list and read this. Now here is the description from Goodreads:
From the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Lost Starscomes a thrilling prequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, set roughly six years before the events of the film.

So reading this it tells you absolutely nothing about this book. Great marketing, let people think what they want with the very least amount of information possible. Well guess what, The blogs I read and reviews were absolutely wrong. This book has nothing to do with Ben Solo and barely has Han Solo in it. This book is all about Leia and her journey to become the First Senator and the rise of the First Order. Now, I'm going to rant a bit here and possibly give away some spoilers so if you don't want anything ruined I would skip to the last paragraph and just read my ratting.

This book was so boring and mostly because of the false pretenses I was under when going into this book. If you love politics I would highly recommend this bit of fiction but to tell you the truth, I'm so sick of politics that if I had any idea this is what it was about I would have avoided this like my life depended on it. This book was so boring I could barely get through it. I have been in a reading slump and I was so excited when it said this book was in at the library. I had high hopes this was going to get me out of my reading funk finally. Sadly it just put me further in one. As soon as the book was over I haven't started a new one and have no idea what I'm going to be reading next.

This book focuses on Leia and how she got to where she is today in the Force Awakes. The rise of the new Republic and the beginning fires of the First Order. This could have been a novella if all of the filler boring stuff was cut out. In no way did I feel this should have been as long as it was. We do get to see a stronger side to Leia and learn more about her past to deepen her story. Ok here is the big spoiler and I'm going to talk about it. Towards the end Leia's secret that her Father is Darth Vader comes out and it destroys her. She is so worried because Ben doesn't know. He is a grown adult and they have hidden this from him for all these years. This is the only hint at what causes him to turn to the dark side and it was such a cop-out. I really hope we get this story in the movies or there is another book out there that gives this story because that was what I really wanted.

Ok, I have not made sense long enough and if you read the wwhole thing you know I am pretty pissed about this book. I need to say that I have nothing against Claudia Gray. She captured the characters perfectly and her writing was well structured and executed. She is a good author but all of the assumptions and lies I had read before I read this destroyed the book for me. It is completely my fault for not liking this book because I expected something different than what I got. I hate to do this because it isn't all that fair to the writer but I give this 2 out of 5 stars. I really want to give this 1 star but the writing was quality and it had these characters I have loved for years which just pushed this to be rounded up to barely a 2. If Leia is your favorite character then by all means read this book and I hope you enjoy it. Otherwise, go into the book knowing you will not read anything about Ben Solo except he is mentioned a few times but isn't actually in the book. This is a political fiction novel set in a science fiction world.


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