Halloween Hangover and R.I.P. Wrap Up

I love Halloween and as much as I love it and hate that it is over. I need a nap. Here it a day later when I write this and I'm still tired. My feet hurt, and I haven't had enough sleep. First of all I had the roughest week last week and I was on vacation. That's a long angry story and I'm not going to get into that. Second I went back to work after a busy fun weekend and then we took the kids out to Trick-or Treat last night. The weather was so perfect it was like something out of a movie. 70 degrees, clear night with a few wispy clouds. The kids are a little older and we decided to walk a little farther and hit more houses than we have in previous years. That only worked for a bit. Half way back to my Aunt's house and the kids were done. 

This year we all went to Trunk-Or-Treat at my work for the second year and that is always a good time. We also went to a friend's house for a Halloween party on Saturday. My beautiful Wife made her own Scarecrow costume out of her own close and make up. I put name tags with different names all over me and went as Identity Theft. I have started to do some work as a Fraud Investigator for my company so it was perfect. My son drecided he wanted to be Batman this year and the costume was really cool. My daughter went through at least 30 different costume ideas until she settled on Batgirl.

This year we all got our own pumpkins to carve. What I mean by this is the kids got a pumpkin and to pick what goes on them, but the extent of what they did was clean out the pumpkin and punch in little holes to outline the patterns they picked. I alwayss have to do a traditional Jack-O-Lantern and my wife picked a pattern. The kids pumpkins are on the right and my wife's and mine are on the left. She had the shoes and my daughter had the kitty. I was pretty proud of my Bat mouth.

I read hardly anything this year. I was really in a reading funk and I kind of still am. This year the books I have submitted for the R.I.P. Challenge are:

From a Buick 8
Dawn of the Dead
Locke and Key
The Waste Lands
Outcast Vol 3: This Little Light

Last year I read 9 books for this challenge and this year I only read 5. More than I realized to be honest but not as many as I had hoped. Movie this year were huge. I had such a long time period for movies for my Halloween week. The books were kind of a disapointment for the most part, but the movies were pretty good. Here are the movies I reviewed:

The Awakening
The Lazarus Effect
Dark Skies
Would You Rather
New Nightmare

This was a fun Halloween and I am already thinking about next year's Halloween Week and what theme I'm planning on doing for my movie reviews. I'm already looking for books to read for the R.I.P Challenge so if you have some really scary recommendations, and I mean pee your pants, sleep with the light on books, let me know. Hope everyone who celebrates Halloween had a great day and now the holiday rush begins till the end of the year. Oh Goody (sarcasm).


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