Hush (2016)

So I know there are very few people who read this blog but I do this for me. Life happens and it has been a rough week and I happen to be on vacation. I almost didn't get this posted or watched but I like to keep up with my traditions. My wife and I just finished this movie and you know it isn't the best movie when your wife asks "How much of this movie is left"

This movie is about a writer who is def and mute. She lives in isolation because she is isolated because of her disability. At the very beginning of the movie Maddie is a character you just like and root for all the way to the bitter end of the movie. It was very interesting to see her struggle from her point of view. It has to be so difficult to not wonder if someone is sneaking up behind you when you can't hear them coming. 

This is a short movie but it felt longer. I think this clocks in at about an hour and 20 min. The suspense builds and then stalls very quickly. The ending of the movie wasn't bad but I had heard so much amazing stuff about this movie I was a little let down. This movie has a bit more blood and gore than the last selections as my wife pointed out to me. My Halloween week has been a bit light on the blood and guts movies this year. 

I give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars. I'm glad I watched this movie but I wont be re-watching it I think. Once you have seen it the suspense is gone. I knew how this movie was going to end early on but once it is confirmed then it completely deflates. This is going to be another entry in my RIP Challenge  as part of Peril on the Screen. 


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