Dawn of the Dead by George A. Romero


I absolutely loved this movie, both versions too. The 1978 was just the right level of campy horror and lame special effects gore to make it one of the best cult zombie films. The remake in 2004 was a bigger budget movie with amazing special effects and a cast that fit their roles perfectly. So when I saw this book on Audible for 1.99$ last year as an after Halloween sale I jumped on it just for this year's RIP challenge. 

I was so excited to get started on the book version of this and I hate to say it, but I preferred the movies. This is all about the end of the modern world. Zombies are popping up everywhere and those that have survived are constantly fighting to stay that way. A random group of people which includes swat officers and a reporter find their way into the local Mall and try to make a home. One thing I found reading this book is that, when you take out the over the top gore, campy horror make up and zombie action scenes, there really wasn't a lot to keep me interested. 

For me the fear and horror that comes with zombies needs to be seen. My imagination can only picture so much. The decay and peeling flesh is so much scarier when you can see it so the fear factor of this already dropped. My next little issue was with the story itself. It was kind of slow and where you would expect this kind of story to have a lot of character development, I felt this book didn't even have that. It was just a day in the life of an apocalypse survivor. Since I have seen the movies first this kind of story was far from what I expected. This is probably why I was kind of bored through most of the book. Had I read this before I saw either movie I might have enjoyed this more. 

Sadly, I am going to have to review this and it is not the rating I had hoped to give this when I started. I give this 2 out of 5 stars. So far the books I had been saving for the RIP challenge were kind of a let down. This is the second year that I haven't had the greatest selections for the challenge. This is my fourth entry in the RIP challenge and this completes the commitment I made. I am going to keep reading and submitting until the end of October. 


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