The Waste Lands by Stephen King


I love this book. This is my favorite of the series even on a re-read. I will admit that I hate how this one ends and I'm so glad I read the Dark Tower series after it had finished so I didn't have to wait for book 4. I wont give away the ending but it just stops in the middle of the action. I bet King fans were furious when they read this book when it first came out. I remember I was buying the paperback copies and I only had the first 3. The day I finished this book I immediately spent money I didn't have and ordered the 4th book so I could start it. Thank you Amazon prime for 2 day shipping. Now that was years ago and here I am enjoying this for the second time of many I'm sure. 

So the ending was the only bad thing about this book and it wasn't enough to change my review from my very first read. Speaking of my first read, I decided to check out my original review on Goodreads and like so many of my early reviews it is vague and not very good. If you are reading this review and haven't read the first two books then stop here and skip to the last paragraph for my rating. If you have read the first 2 but not this one I promise to not give anything major away. 

This book finds our three Gunslingers Roland, Eddie and Susannah stumbling through Roland's harsh version of our world. Roland is slowly going insane and Eddie and Susannah are trying to learn to be Gunslingers while hoping they don't have to fear for their lives from Roland. As we learned in The Drawing of the Three, The third door was the Pusher and is the man responsible for not only Susannah's dual personality and loss of her legs, but was the man who pushed Jake into traffic bringing him to Roland's world. Since Roland stopped him from killing Jake he now has to realities clashing in his mind. The one where he and Jake travel through the mountain and he dies again, and the current reality where Jake never died which means he never made it to Roland's world. Ont he flip side Jake also has this same issue. This book bounces from Roland's point of view to Jake's. I loved this because Jake was a character I loved and was crushed when he died in the first book. Something told me I would see him again and I'm so glad. 

The world's around Jake and Roland are crumbling the longer they stay apart. Jake remembers both of his deaths and wonders how and why he is still alive. As he fights his own mind he starts to find things that pull him back to Roland's world. He finds a bookstore where the owner a Calvin Tower gives him a kids book called Charlie the Choo Choo and a book of Jokes and Riddles. A construction site calls to Jake and shows him a single rose that holds the universe in it. This was a cool scene to imagine in my head but, since this is one of the illustrated editions I was able to get there is a beautiful picture of this. I had to take the picture with my camera so there is a bit of a glare on the glossy picture so it doesn't do it justice but you can see a little of what I mean.

Jake isn't the only one having weird things happen to him. Eddie is having visions while he sleeps. Are these visions of the future? Eddie has no idea what is causing these and if he should even tell Roland and Susannah but one vision takes him to a field of roses where the beams meet at the Dark Tower itself.

I love this series and I'm so glad I decided to re-read these before the movie comes out in February. Which I'm super excited for. Knowing the rumors around the movie I can say I'm completely ok with the plot of the movie and the changes that have been made. I am curious how they are going to fit aspects of all the books into one move without Eddie and Susannah, but this isn't a movie review this is for the book.

There is so much jammed into this book and this isn't even one of the longest ones. My favorite part of the whole book begins in Lud where our group finds Blaine the Monorail. I'll let you read to find out why Blaine is a pain and that is the truth.

I love this book and since I've already said this is my favorite of the series I will skip the fluff and tell you I give this 5 out of 5 stars. Since this book is found in every horror list I have searched looking for books, I'm going to use this as part of my RIP Challenge. This will be my second entry in this event and I have many more planned out between now and Halloween.


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