The Colorado Kid by Stephen King


I have heard a lot about this book and knew that the show Haven was based off of this. This book is part of the Hard Case crime series which is comprised of books written by a bunch of different authors. I love that pulp crime style of story so I had high hopes for this book. So let me start off by saying this was a pretty good book but not what I was expecting. 

This book is a story about two older newspaper men telling their old stories to the new young girl who writes a column and strives to be more. The setting is a lunch meeting with a big shot reporter from Boston. He cam to this tiny little coastal town to find out all the wierd unsolved cases the town might had for a piece he wants to write. These guys of course give the big city reporter all the stories you hear over and over in a small town. Mysterious poisoning at a church picnic, boat found with one dead body and 15 others missing. These were not what he was looking for so he heads home to Boston. Heading back to the office our newsgirl has this felling they weren't telling all the cases that have gone unsolved. 

Have you noticed, this is all about weird unsolved cases. So don't expect a resolution at the end of this book. Yup I spoiled this letting you know you don't find out what really happened to the man from Colorado who was found dead on the beach.  The story was a little slow in parts and I kept drifting my attention away from this book. I have no idea how Haven is based off of this book unless it takes place in this town but I have yet to watch the show. It is on my to watch list at some point. 

I may have drifted a bit but there were parts of this story that I was really interested in. I'm glad I read it but this wont be on my re-read list. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. 


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