The Deliveryman by Jeffery Deaver


So I Knew this book came before Deaver's newest book The Steel Kiss, but I wanted to see if this had any big effect if I didn't read it. Deaver is my favorite author so of course I'm going to read everything he writes. However, with other authors I don't follow so closely it is easy to miss the little in-between stories. Sometimes you miss something if you don't read them but I can happily say this one not only stands on its own but doesn't really effect The Steel Kiss. So if you haven't read this and would rather read the new novel you will be fine. One thing I will admit is that Stell Kiss starts off talking about the Baxter Case. I was really hoping this book would be all about that case but this seems to take place after that case as well. 

This is a novella so it is just longer than a short story. In this story Lincoln and Amelia are faced with one of the toughest crime scenes they have dealt with. A man was killed in a trash filled alley so there is a lot of evidence to get through to figure out what matters. Here is the catch, this victim isn't just a regular guy. This guy was the deliveryman for a large organized crime syndicate. Now Rhyme has to figure out who killed the victim, what he was transporting and how to get to it before them mob does.

Deaver uses some interesting techniques in this short story. It felt that he left some intentional clues that are easy to figure out just so you are distracted and looking in the wrong direction. At times I would have the whole story figured out and Deaver would find a way to surprise me anyway. I loved this short story and I'm so glad I read it. Easily 5 out of 5 stars. 


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