Green Lantern Vol 7: The LIfe Equation by Robert Vennditti


Ok, so reading this before Vol 7 is highly recommended. As you may or may not know I read Vol 7 first due to the fact I got approved for the ARC from Net Galley and DC Comics. So of course I read Renegade first. I needed to give it a review ti be fair to the publisher and didn't have time to wait. Reading this didn't change my views on Vol 7 now that I know what is going on so that review still holds true. 

Let me start off with the one huge gripe I have with the Green Lantern Books. There are so many Green lantern books that it is impossible to read them all and get the whole story. DC, if you are going to do this please add some sort of note, *Previous scene in New Gods#...* This story has the New Gods attacking the Green Lantern Corps and crushing them, all to get at Kyle Rayner. The Highfather wants the Life Equation in Kyle. Kyle is the White Lantern which controls all of the emotional spectrums. This isn't a spoiler so no need to worry but at one point the Corps is detained with Sinestro in prison cells from the New Gods. All of a sudden, two pages later several of the Green Lanterns and Sinestro are free trying to free the others. How on Earth did this happen? I have no idea what book had this in it so I can't go out and find this book to see what I missed. I just have to start reading Green Lantern, Red Lantern act books until I find what I need. This really irritates me and I hope this is something fixed with Rebirth. 

So I've already given the first half of this book's plot. Yes, you read this correctly, the main story only takes up about half of the book. The second half is the fall out of everything that has led up to this moment. The Corps has had crazy guardians bent on the extermination of their own corps, the loss of the emotional spectrum leaving them powerless, and other issues. Now the new Guardians, who are really the original ones who were kicked out by the ones who went crazy, long story; are trying to figure out a way to fix the image of the Green Lantern Corps. Who else is made to take the hit but Hal Jordan. After reading this book I fully understand what is going on in the next volume. 

I liked this book and give it 4 out of 5 stars. I have lost interest in this series a little with each volume since Geoff Johns stopped writing the series. Nothing against Vennditti, but his stories just haven't held my attention like I would have liked. I eventually hope to get caught up to the events right before Rebirth but I'm not in any hurry.  


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