Outcast Vol 2: A Vast and Unending Run by Robert Kirkman

A Vast and Unending Run

I have to admit that reading the first volume, I wasn't sure I was going to like this series. It really wasn't my cup of tea and I was instantly comparing this to the Walking Dead which is also written by Robert Kirkman. Then I had hear that this series was going to become a show on Cinemax so I decided to watch it. The show or the second exposure to this story peaked my interest so I had to get this book and give the series another chance, This book hooked me. 

This is a direct continuation from the first book. Kyle has more questions than answers but has realized there is power in his blood. Reverend Anderson is starting to have doubts that he has what it takes to exorcise those afflicted with demons. He and Kyle begin to seek out those that the reverend exorcised on his own. He now fears that the demons are just lying dormant and still remain in those people he tried to help. Only the Outcast Kyle can truly remove these things. This is the beginning of a story that really could go on forever.

There really isn't much more to this book than finding the people Reverend Anderson exorcised in the past and finding ways to help them if needed. It is a very simple plot but this time around it really held my attention. I'm glad that I gave the show a try because it renewed my interest in this series. I definitely enjoyed this book so much more than Vol 1. I'm anxious for the next volume to come out so I can see where the story goes next. I give this 4 out of 5 stars. 


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