Hold Tight by Harlan Coben


I have thought and thought on what I was going to say on this book and I am not sure my thoughts are all that coherent. Kind of like what I felt this book was. When the book opens we meet a woman who is drowning her sorrows in a bar. She gets kidnapped and killed and then gears shift and we start all over like this first chapter never happened. The big story in this book is all about Adam and how he is dealing after the suicide of his friend Spencer. Adam's parents are really worried about him since he is growing distant and they fear he is heading down that path of depression. Adam's parents decide to cyber spy on him and find some strange emails and chats that lead on a twisting a turning path. 

I felt like there were at least two different stories going on at once and I had to pick one. It was hard to keep focused on this story. I have really really liked Harlan Coben's books and this one was recommended by a friend on Goodreads so I was anxious to give this a read. I couldn't get into this book. About halfway through I really didn't care. Have you ever read something and as son as you finished you had no idea what you just read? This happened to me and I have never had this feeling. On top of this being a new experience for me I didn't care to go back and do this all over again. 

I feel terrible being so down on this book. I barely remember this book and I only finished it this morning (at the time I wrote this 5/31). I'm not saying this is a terrible book just that I couldn't get into this. I couldn't keep focused on the story and it felt really disjointed. At times this felt as confusing as a Game of Thrones book. I can't blame the book for my lack of interest. At least not completely blame it. Had the book had a better story and a better flow I would have been more interesting. 

I have read some really bad books in my time and this isn't one of them, but it is hard to not give this a 1 star rating based on the fact that I really had forgotten it as soon as I finished it. I will give this a 1.5 out of 5 star rating but will round up, graciously to 2 stars for the review sites. You all know what my thoughts are.  


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