American Vampire Vol 1 by Scott Snyder and Stephen King

American Vampire, Vol. 1

I had heard about this series for a while and quite a few friends on Goodreads told me I had to check this out. I put it off for long enough. I recently found out that this is written by one of my favorite comic writers Scott Snyder, and one of my favorite Authors Stephen King. If I'm being honest I have never been over the moon about Vampires. I really liked Dracula and the spoof movie Dracula Dead and Loving it by Mel Brooks, but I feel like the Vampire has gone soft. Twilight just ruined vampires and werewolves and I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. Until I found out Stephen King was a writer on this book. His Vampire in Salem's Lot was ruthless. I want Vampires who look at humans as one thing and that's cattle. I wanted the rip your throat out no mercy type. I got all of that and more. 

This series follows two characters and each one's story is written by a different author. Scot Snyder writes the story of Pearl a young actress trying to make it out of the scenery. She is asked to read with one of the biggest stars of the silver screen, and he offers her the chance to be a leading lady. Turns out she is the main course for a couple of very wealthy Socialite Vampires. This is just the beginning of her story so in no way did I give anything away. Needless to say she survives this encounter in a very interesting way leading her on a hunt for vengeance.

Stephen King writes Skinner Sweet's origin story. He is already a vampire but we get little bits here and there about him. Skinner is a different kind of vampire which gives him quite a bit of an advantage over the ones terrorizing this town. Both stories were really interesting and I couldn't wait to get the next book.

I am hooked plain and simple. I'm not a big vampire guy but this is a good read. The story is very well written and the art work is pretty good too. I haven't mentioned much about the art work because the story is just so good. Sure this is two of my favorite authors in one great comic but Rafael Albuquerque did an amazing job taking the story and putting it into pictures. Also the look of this book just fits. Sometimes you can have a style of art work that is still good but doesn't fit the tone of the story, this works on every level. Excellent graphic novel. I just hope the rest of the series out there is as good as this first volume. 5 out of 5 stars. 


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