Thank You St Louis Blues!!!

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So being the avid book lover, Comic book nerd, Husband and Father that I am is just a part of me. I'm also a huge Hockey fan and an even bigger fan of the St Louis Blues. If you are just a fan of books and could care less about sports then by all means, you may skip reading this post. Hockey is one of the things I look forward to all year. Anxious for the next season to start and then once it does I am anxious for the post season. 

Now I was hoping to be writing a different type of post and much latter in June before it posted but here we are. The Game 6 loss to the Sharks was crushing and I almost cried watching the emotional interview with David Backes after the game. There were games we should have won and games that we deserved to loose based on the performance. The who playoff season was such a roller coaster my anxiety really couldn't take it at times. There were games with unfair calls that even the idiots in the NBC commentator box took our side on. Jokes and Memes were everywhere after some of these. We also had games where we played terrible and our passing was a joke so as angry as I was at the loss the Blues deserved the loss.   This last series against the Sharks was so hard to watch. Every loss I would sit there and think, "I just can't do this anymore, I can't keep getting my hopes up". Then I'd go to bed and the next morning the only thing that would matter is the next game. We played Monday night last week for game 5 and I was crushed at the loss but by the next morning all I wanted was for it to be Wednesday so I could put on my Jersey, grab a beer and some snacks and sit with my wife and kids and cheer on my team. My daughter who is 3 wants to wear her "Let's go Blues" shirt everyday. She has one that says Let's Go Blues but then she has a jersey and a t-shirt that just has the note on it. It was really cute.

For the longest time my kids were the only ones that had Blues gear. My wife and I are huge fans but we live paycheck to paycheck and fan memorabilia is expensive so we never had anything. We love going to the games but haven't been in several years because it is just to expensive. This however has never dampened our love for the game or the team. This year when my aunt found out we didn't have t-shirts or anything she bought us t-shirts and for my birthday early she got me a David Backes jersey. It doesn't have the captain C on it but I don't care, Backes is my favorite player and I'm happy to wear his number and cheer on the team.

This playoff season was incredible. Brian Elliott had some incredible saves and was just impressive. Brouwer was well worth the trade for T J Oshe and kept impressing me shot after shot. He had to break past that curse where he only hit goal posts but once he did he had some amazing goals. Like the one Brouwer made hitting the puck out of mid air to score on the rebound. I would love to put the gif from St Louis Tweets. Check it out here though. Robby Fabbri had some great goals to and I was so impressed with him this rookie season. I really could go on and on about all the guys on this team because everyone of them stepped up this year and played their hearts out. I would be remiss if I didn't at least talk about my favorite player David Backes. He has more heart for this team and is the best captain. He was injured in the first period of Game 4 against the Sharks and instead  of going to the locker room and waiting it out, he was on the bench leading his team through the whole game. his emotional interview after game 6 is just proof he loves this team and our city and he felt like he let us down.

So after all of this here is my letter to the Blues. I will make it short because this is one of my logest posts ever and I could easily go on longer.
Dear, Blues 
Thank you for an amazing season and Post Season. Now comes the time to reflect and wait with batted breath about who will be our team next year. I always sit in anxiety waiting to see who stays and who goes at the end of the season and like you I am fearful for some of my favorite players.  As a fan I want you to know that you didn't let us down but renewed our hope. This is the closest we have been to the cup in a long time and it is all due to your hard work. This is the team that will take us to the cup so I hope it can be worked out that we can keep everyone. Hitchcock has been an astounding coach and after last year's uncertain return I hope to see him back next season as well. We have an astounding amount of momentum and I'm fearful it will be lost with another coach or General Manager.  
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort. I am a fan for life and truly bleed blue as well as my family. Thank you for giving my wife one of the best birthday presents this year. Her birthday is May 19th and she has never had Hockey for her birthday. This year she was so happy to be able to watch the Blues, have a friend over, get carry out and make a night at home of it. This team brings a city together fans and non fans alike. Not may teams can say that and it is true of the Blues. Rest up in the off season because there is work to be done and a shelf that needs dusting. The cup will be in St Louis next year.  
Thank you,
Chris Brunner
Here is hoping for a great next season and the return of most if not all of our players. I am a Hockey fan and I usually pick a team to root for. This year is tough to pick one. I really don't care for Sydney Crosby and the Penguins don't need another cup win. You never want to root for the team that that beats your, but the Sharks have never been this far in the playoffs and never won a cup either. Yes they are a team half the age of the Blues but everyone loves and Underdog. As I write this the Penguins won 3-2 over the Sharks in game 1. I might not pick a team and jusst see how thiss plays out.


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