Blond Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter


This is a short prequel to Karin Slaughter's newest book Pretty Girls. Now I read this after I read Pretty Girls and I have to say I think it is better read that way. This book follows Julia Carroll who plays a big part in the book. This book follows a 19 year old girl in college who is trying to make an impression on her college newspaper. Currently the big news is the disappearance of a 19 year old girl with Blond hair, like Julia, and Blues Eyes, like Julia. Julia has to try to write an article that is interesting enough for the front page of her college newspaper but her mind is creating the worst case scenario and  not able to focus on the facts.

If you are reading this on its own it was kind of dull. Not a lot happens in the book and the ending is where all the interesting stuff happens to set up the main novel. Reading this after Pretty Girls however allowed me to enjoy this more. I got to know a character who is mostly absent from Pretty Girls. I learned more about her family and what kind of person she is. Had I not read Pretty Girls I don't think I would have enjoyed this short at all. 

If you have this I suggest reading Pretty Girls first and then enjoy the character profile. That is all this really is. No huge plot or suspense like you would expect from a Karin Slaughter story. It is just a great way to meet this character and get to know her. I give this 3 out of 5 stars. 


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