The Grownup by Gillian Flynn


I have really liked all the books I have read by Gillian Flynn. When I saw this was out I couldn't get my name on the list fast enough. Finally I got a chance to read this and I loved it. This is a really short story so there isn't much to talk about so I will do my best to not spoil anything. 

Gillian Flynn is notorious for writing characters that are just the lowest form of person that you just don't like. At the same time they are the kind of character you love to hate. Right at the beginning of the story our un-named narrator starts talking about how great she is at Hand jobs. Her job is working for a Psychic/palm reader. The front of the shop is all for the lady clients who are looking for love advice or some sort of self-esteem boost with the aura readers and psychics.  The back of the business is for the male clients looking for a helping hand. Our narrator is suffering from carpel tunnel  syndrome. Shocker. Her boss doesn't want to loose her so she promotes her to the front to read auras. Her boss calls her "Nerdy" so for the purpose of this review I will refer to her as Nerdy. 

One day at work a woman walks in looking frazzled and upset. She claims her house is haunted and it may be affecting her step son. Nerdy agrees to go with her home and stop by every week to cleanse the house and remove the spirits. The step son is super creepy just FYI but there is more going on than just a weird teenager. On one visit the step son tells Nerdy that if she comes back to the house she will die. Nerdy decides that she cannot continue this sham and she does a little research. There is a really weird jump to a story about the house. This is a stupid thing to be bothered about in a short story but I was really irritated that there wasn't some type of explanation as to what she was searching or what lead her to this story. 

I am going to leave the review here because I'm getting close to the big twists that are coming. The ending was such a surprise I have to give this little story 5 out of 5 stars. I really loved this story and couldn't wait to write my review. Check this out. It is work your time. 


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