Supergirl Season 1

I really didn't have any intention of reviewing this show, but now that the season has ended and I have had time to think about this show I can't get it out of my mind. I really liked this show and I am so happy to see a show out there that proves girls can kick ass just as much as men can. At this point I can only hope for a second season. This last episode left things hanging with a decent cliffhanger so not only do I want to know what is going to happen next, but I want more of the show, the characters, and the action. 

Supergirl has a a level of cheese factor but it is in the best way. Supergirl is supposed to be cheery and optimistic. She is new to the whole Superhero thing so it makes sense that she still has the bubbly optimism instead of the jaded cynic most older super heroes seem to become. So when it comes to casting the bubbly superhero I have to say that Melissa Benoist is perfect for this role. I have to be honest that I have never seen her in anything before Supergirl but I really liked the way she portrayed the character. I was impressed from the very first image I saw from the show when it first started to get going.

There are some great casting choices in this series that for me really made this fun to watch. This show brought characters to the "real world" that had only been done in the cartoons or comics. This season has had characters like Livewire, Silver Banshee, Maxwell Lord, and my favorite, Martian Manhunter. Martian Manhunter was really cool and the first time he transformed from Hank Henshaw into the Martian Manhunter I had goosebumps all over. We also get a take on Bizzaro and Supergirl affected by Red Kryptonite. Everyone cast for this show was perfect in their role. I will admit that in the beginning I didn't like the guy they chose for Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy Olsen is a nerdy lanky freckle faced kid who you expect to still have his voice crack and not this tall strong confident man of the world. Over time Mechad Brooks grew on me.

When this show started I really wanted this to do well, but mainly because DC has been dominating television with some great shows "Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie, Lucifer and of course Gotham". The more episodes I watched of this show the more I couldn't wait for Mondays. I have bought several episodes of this season on iTunes and when I get the price down low enough I am just going to buy the whole season. I just checked's Renewal Scorecard and it says Supergirl Season 2 is a sure thing but it hasn't been renewed yet. Here is hoping that they not only get a second season but many more in the future. 


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