Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice by Derek Fridolfs

Study Hall of Justice (DC Comics: Secret Hero Society #1)

So the hype behind Batman v Superman is so huge that so many things have spun off from this movie. My kids loved the cereal that hit grocery store shelves. Not only have food companies and car companies found a way to make money off this movie but a lot of kids books have come out. I love the fact that this movie created more books because I love to read and anytime my kids are excited to read I will make myself broke buying books for them. 

My son is 6 and in Kindergarten and he loves to read, especially now that he has learned how. I was looking through his Book Fair catalog and was really excited to see a  a paperback version of this that was affordable. I made sure we went to his school on open house night so we could get this and it was really cute.

Bruce has been transferred to Ducard Academy. His classmates and teachers are more on the evil side of things. Mad Hatter is the science teacher, Hugo Strange is the guidance counselor, and Brainiac is the librarian. Bruce feels something isn't right about this school so he decides to get some help from the only other normal students at the school. Clark Kent, and Diana Prince. For the most part they are just kids but we do get a brief Halloween party where our child heroes dawn their costumes for the first time.

I've already said it once but this book is really cute. There is a lot of light humor throughout the book for the grown ups who are fans. Tiny references for the fans that make this worth the read. There are comic strips, journal entries, text chats, and school reports and notes which help tell this story. My son and I had a lot of fun reading this book and I am so glad I was able to get this paperback version. I hope he wants to read it again soon. There were some parts that were just ok which is why I give this 4 out of 5 stars. If you have some time and just want a fun book to read with your kids then I recommend this one. 


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