Ruled by Machines

Have you ever felt that your DVR is running your life? My wife and I have a bunch of shows we have sort of collected over the years that we record so we never miss an episode. There are so many of these shows all airing right now that some nights we can't watch Television unless we pick a recording. 

Every night becomes a decision as to which show do we watch and which ones do we wait for another night to try and catch up. Then out of no where we have 5 episodes of this show and 4 episodes of that show stacked up and it is tough to catch up. I'm always worried about storage space so I don't end up loosing a show I wanted to watch. I can't believe I have let myself get so caught up in something so stupid.

The other thing that seems to have a hold on me is my iPhone. Thank you Apple for making something that can hold my entire life in it so I am organized. However, I have found that if I forget my phone at home even for the shortest of errands I am lost and feel alone. I use everything on that phone from the calendar to the thousands of songs I have on my iTunes catalog. I use my phone more than the watch that rests prominently on my wrist. Until the battery in that died and then I realized how much I actually use that but I digress.

I continue to ask myself when I became so reliant on electronics to help me get through my day. For those of you reading this who were alive before cell phones and internet. Do you remember when your were younger and could remember every phone number you ever needed in your head. I had at least 8 phone numbers I could call up from memory any time I needed it and now I barely remember my own number without looking in my contacts on my iPhone. I remembered birthdays and now I can't remember if my mother's birthday is the 7th or the 8th. Well I have it in my iPhone with a reminder so I don't forget.

I needed this little rant, I don't have any answers as to how to fix my DVR issues (other than throwing it out the window but then I can't watch The Walking Dead and Downton Abby since they ran at the same time). I find this whole thing ridiculous that I even have these frustrations. What are they called, First World Problems? Oh well, life goes on and the sun still rises and sets every day. Now I need a new book to read, or to get back to the two I'm currently reading. 


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