Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter


I love Karin Slaughter. Her books are full of intense suspense, great characters, and a plot that will grab you from the very beginning and never let go. Her books can also have so pretty disturbing and gruesome subject matter. I'm not as strong as I used to be. Before I had kids I could read anything and it would disturb me or make me uncomfortable but never bother me like it does after having kids. This book was so horrific that I had to take a day off reading this book because it was to much. I'd have to stop every now and then to take a breather and step back. I wanted to stop this book and not subject myself to any more of the disturbing content, but here is where Karin Slaughter is a genius. She wrote a mystery around this that made me want to keep going. I had to find out the details of what was going on and how this book ended. 

The book opens with a father reading a letter he wrote to his daughter who has gone missing. This right here is what began the terror to my very core. The thought of loosing a child and not knowing what happened scared the holy Hell out of me. We have two main characters Claire and Lydia who have survived the disappearance of their older Sister and the destruction of their family. Claire and her husband are out one night and decide to get a little frisky in an alley when they are mugged and her husband is killed. Picking up the pieces after the funeral Claire stumbles upon some snuff videos on her husband's computer. This terrible discovery opens the door to so many questions and plot twists that I felt bad liking this book. 

Be fore warned that this book is not for the faint of heart. This was a good book and a true testament to how fantastic a writer Karin Slaughter is. The violence to women in her books is really tough to get through but if you can look past it the rest of the book is really worth the read. I would love to get more into detail about this book but I don't want to ruin all the twists. I am excited for her to get back to her Will Trent and Sara Linton books but this was a good book. I give this 4 out of 5 stars. 


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