Changes by Jim Butcher


Changes doesn't do this book justice. So much happens in this book I am still realing from the massive ending. Let me just say right up from that the ending is worth everything that leads up to it. I couldn't put this book down and I was almost shaking at the end of the book. Make sure you have the next one because the way this ends you are not going to want to wait to see what happens next. One of the biggest cliffhangers ever.

Ok enough about the end of the book. I hate spoilers so I will try my hardest not to ruin anything in this book. If you haven't read up to this point and are planning to read these books I might warn you to stop here. I wont spoil anything about this book but I might give away some things in the series by accident. Here goes this book drops a huge bomb in less than a few pages. Susan comes back to ask Harry to help her retrieve their daughter who has been kidnapped by the Red Court of Vampires. My mind was officially blown right from the beginning. 

Every thing comes out in this book and there is nothing held back. Everything in Harry's life is changing and not all for the better. The war between the Wizards of the White court and the Vampires of the Red court is coming to a peak and the wizards are loosing ground. The rumored Black court of Wizards might have someone on the inside of the White court with ulterior motives. There is so much I want to talk about this book but I'm afraid of ruining each amazing surprise that gave me goosebumps through most of the book.

It is easy for me to give this a 5 out of 5 rating. this is my favorite book of the series so far. I can't wait to start the next book and believe that by the time this posts I will have already started the next book. Keep checking my blog for the next review. With how this one ended there is a lot for the next book to live up to. I'm going to be really upset when I get caught up on this series and have to wait for each new book to come out. 


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