Batman and Robin: Eternal Vol 1 by Scott Snyder


I have been a huge fan of Scott Snyder and his run on the Batman series. I was honestly crushed when I read he will be leaving the series but I am going to enjoy everything until that point. A lot has happened to Batman and I'm a little behind. I have really enjoyed Batman Eternal and when I saw this I had to read it. Thanks to Edelweiss and DC Comics I was able to read this for a review. 

Batman has been replaced with a mechanical suit being driven by someone, I have no idea who. Like I said I am behind and may have missed this little bit of information. I didn't know there was a book I should have read first. Anyway, Dick Greyson is back in Gotham and he is teamed up with Red Robin, The Red Hood and all kinds of kids trying to live up to the Robin name. Someone known as Mother may know everything about the Bat-Family and will use it to destroy them. Batman may have a secret that will tear the boys apart and crush Dick when he finds out what happened.

Not to spoil anything but don't expect a resolution in this book. This is just the beginning of what could be earth shattering secrets in the world of the Bat-Family. I wont ruin any of the details but I will say the secret that Bruce has hidden all these years paints him in quite a horrible light. I just couldn't shake the feeling that there is more to this than what we are given in this volume. I hope I'm right about this because I can't imagine Bruce being this kind of character.

I really did enjoy this book and I can't wait for Vol 2. I have to know what happens next. I will admit that there were sections of this book that were a little on the slow side and I struggled a bit to keep going to get to the good parts. Due to these feelings I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and I hope to read the next volume as soon as it is available. 


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