The Waking Dark by Robin Wassweman


This is one of those books I found in the library digital catalog under the horror section. The description sounded cool so I figured what the hell. I shouldn't have wasted my time. This book is a combination of Under the Dome, and a version of the Croatoan ghost story. This just felt like it was trying to hard to be something else. 

The book opens up right away with death and destruction. People are blacking out and killing as many people as possible only to take their own life. It was interesting and then we have a character who kills a baby with a pillow and that was almost enough for me to stop reading right there and slam this book all over my blog. Fiction or real life there are just somethings you don't do and smothering a baby in anything but kisses is unforgivable. I kept reading but this one even just left a sour taste in my mouth for the whole book and the eye rolls didn't stop. As soon as things start to settle fron the Killing Day a tornado wipes out more of the residents of Oleander.

Now I listened to this in audio and I have to say that the character breaks were not spaced well at all. The change of perspective was so sudden that it was hard to keep up with who we were following. I felt like I wasted to much time reading this book but still kept going in hopes the ending was interesting enough to make it worth it. I stuck it out all the way through but there were times I almost gave up on this book. There is a reveal in chapter 12 that was one of those "Really?" moments.

SPOILER WARNING*** The big reveal is what caused the first round of murder and suicide was because 5 people were randomly given this experimental drug that makes them kill everyone they see and then kill themselves. They are testing a government killing serum to make the prefect expendable soldier. This pulls the book from being like Under the Dome and now it is more like Resident Evil or Night of the living Dead just with people blacking out and acting like zombies.

RATING*** If you skipped the spoiler here is my take on the book. Don't waste your time. I really have no idea why I kept reading this to be honest. I should have stopped this and moved on. to something better. Since I did hang in there till the end I will give this 1.5 out of 5 stars and round up to 2. Had I stopped reading this book I would have easily given it just 1. It is still a stretch to round up but again it kept me reading even though my eye strain was rough after all the eye rolls. Unless you love this author or really want to torture your self, I would avoid this read and tell you to keep looking for something else. 


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