The Worst of 2015

The Worst books I read in 2015

With the good comes the bad. I had my post about the best books I read in 2015 and that was a really hard decision.The worst book I read was easy, I thankfully only read three books that rated a 1 star review.  I tend to not pick books that I know are going to be utter crap. The books that I really didn't like were do mainly to the R.I.P. challenge. I tend to be more open to trying different books because most of the great horror novels I have already read. 

So let's get to this shall we. I am going to put out the horrible books I read and if you like them, I am sorry if this makes you unhappy. I am honest in my reviews and try not to attack the author in anyway. My least favorite book not only of 2015 but I can safely say of all time is Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. This was the first book I have read by him and from the reviews I have read people either love this or hate it. I hated this book. I didn't care for the movie Fight Club either so I shouldn't have been surprissed when I didn't like this one. When I read this book I actually had no idea this was the author who wrote Fight Club so my dislike of that didn't have any affect on this. This book wasn't scary at all, for the most part it was just disgusting. I made it halfway through this book and had to stop. I had a list of other books I would have rather read and the time I spent on this I will never get back. I have nothing against Mr Palahniuk but I can safely say this book just wasn't for me and I don't think I will be checking out any other books by him in the future. 

3222979The second book I didn't care for this past year was Drood by Dan Simmons.  Dan Simmons has written some really popular books and I still have them on my to-read list, but this book came available at my library so I gave it a shot. I really liked the idea of a book about Charles Dickens as a fictional tale. I have as I mention in my review I have read several books with classic authors being the main character of the fictional story. Conan Doyle being the one I have read the most in these situations. I had really high hopes going into this book and the beginning was pretty good. Just over a quarter of the way through I think the story began to fall apart and I lost interest very quickly. This is one of those books that has a great premise but just didn't deliver for me. I didn't read this for my R.I.P. challenge but read it because of the fact it dealt with Charles Dickens and was sort a a Sherlock Holmes style novel. I happened to be in the mood for just this type of book at the time I read this. 

My Last book is an Audio short story. I got this free from Audible and I rad it for the R.I.P challenge. I love a good zombie story and was looking forward to giving this a try. This book, The Hospital by Keith C. Blackmore. This novella made no sense from the very beginning. I try not to complain when it is free but this was so bad I wanted some money back. I'm not going to get to into depth as to why I didn't like this book. You can read my review for that and I don't feel I need to beat a dead horse and be harsher than I need to. This is supposed to bee a prequel that sets up the series. Instead this story works on the assumption that you know what is going on. The summary doesn't even give you all the information you need to really get anything other than frustration out of it. 

I'm not sure how I feel about these Worst of Posts. I always feel like since I do a best of I need the other side of the coin. On the other hand I don't like to be negative towards other authors since I one day hope to be one that people hate for ruining the written word. On the other hand (Yes I can count and I only have two hands but roll with it) When I read a book that I dislike so much I will never get that time back I want to vent some frustration a little bit more.


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