Detective Comics vol 7: Anarky by Francis Manapul


I was fortunate enough to be granted a review copy from DC Comics and Edelweiss and I really enjoyed it. This is less of a collection of issues that tells one story but a collection of many stories. The biggest story does revolve around a new villain named Anarky who wants to free the people of Gotham and allow them to choose their own form of government and Justice. 

This main story was pretty good but I have to be honest. There was something about the whole thing that seemed very familiar to me. It's kind of hard to explain without giving something away but I will say that the ending of this particular story wasn't a big surprise. The story at the very end I also really enjoyed because Batman has to rely on The Riddler to help him get into a prison that the Riddler created in order to bee free of all his many indiscretions. This story had a good little twist to the end of it and seemed to set up events for the next volume maybe.

The Detective Comic series has always had a darker feel to it and this is very evident in the art work. Most of the comics I have read recently have a very clean feel to the art even if the detail just isn't there. The art in this book is hard to explain without saying dark and Gothic over and over again. On first glance you might think that there isn't a lot of detail in these panels but if you look again there is more than you would think unless you stop and look at them. I've given you tow of my favorite pages from this book to better prove my point.

I like the older style to the art and the writing was well done also. I was really happy to have this to read and review and I can easily say that this is worthy of 4 out of 5 stars. If you are a fan of Batman then I highly recommend you check this out. 


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