Green Lantern: Lights Out by Robert Venditti


I'm just going to say it. I miss Geoff Johns. I read recently that he is returning to Aquaman because the series is heading in a direction the fans are not happy with. I'm not saying that Green Lantern is heading in a bad direction but the story line is just meh. This could have been such an epic story and I just feel like I was reading it to get through it and see what comes next. 

This book is a collection of several series to make one story and I hate that Green Lantern splits its story among several series. Why can't each series have its own story line? I know, this way it sells more comic books. Unless you read these collections or all of the different series you only get parts of the story or their are giant plot holes. In story the creature known as Relic is trying to extinguish all of the lantern corps before they use all the light and empty the reserve. When the reserve is empty then the universe will die and a new one will be born. It sounds like a really interesting story and it could have been, but I was kind of bored with the whole thing. It reads like every other Lantern story line. Something is tearing apart the Corps and all of them have to band together to stop it. 

I love the giant battles between the different emotional spectrum and the banding together or quarreling teams is always uplifting. It has just been done over and over with Green Lantern I am ready for something else. Needless to say I wasn't overly impressed. There is some decent set up for what might be coming in the next book which I am anxious to read and finally get caught up in this series. I wish I had more to write about this book because I don't like writing short reviews. I didn't hate this book but didn't care for it either. I would give this 2.5 stars but for the purpose of review sites I will round up to 3 stars. If I didn't have to read this to make sure I know what may be refered to in the next book. 


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