The Fog (2005)

John Carpenter is an amazing director. He has produced some amazing horror movies that became instant classics. One of his lesser known horror movies was The Fog. In today's world this isn't half as terrifying as it once was due to enhancements in special effects, CGI, and film quality. This review will revolve around the remake which was done in 2005. Not many people like remakes because it tends to not do the original justice, but I like them. I like to see how a new director with new tech can give these old movies a new twist. In some cases they are amazing, and in other cases they are terrible flops. This remake follows pretty close to the original but adds more to the story behind the fog which I liked. 

Since this movie stays pretty close to the original it isn't very scary but it does do very well at giving you the creepy factor throughout. The thing that makes the Fog so scary is the fear of the unknown. What is lurking in the thick fog and what does it mean for the quiet town of Antonio Bay? This movie relied very heavily on the popular actors of the time. The biggest name is Selma Blair and she isn't one of the stronger main characters. We also have Tom Welling, Mr Clark Kent himself from the CW show Smallville.

Very little is known at the beginning of the movie which allows us the viewer to kind of learn  about this towns troubled history along our characters. Slowly we start to get this picture of the founding fathers not being as heroic as the town thought. Now I don't usually do spoilers and I don't feel what I am about to tell you is, but I want to give those who don't want to know a chance to stop reading. I am going to tell you the reason behind the fog and even though this movies is 10 years old there might be some who don't want to know that might not have seen this. So, if this is you stop reading right now. 

There was a Leper colony that just wanted to buy some land and spend their last remaining days in peace. They found a little place to call their own and brokered a deal to buy this land from the founding fathers of Antonio Bay. The founding father's steal the Leper colony's money, locks them in their ship then set it on fire killing everyone on board, Then these founders take the land they were going to sell and start their own town on it. Now the Lepers are back to enact their revenge or get justice. Here is the trailer of the movie for you to check out in case this has peaked your interest.

The special effects were really good. Even though most of it is GCI it was still very realistic and scary in its own way. The acting could be better I'm not going to lie on this piece, but I liked this movie. This gets 4 out of 5 stars from me and I am so glad I blew the dust of my DVD and re-watched it after all of these years. This whole week of movie reviews will be part of the R.I.P. Challenge as the Peril on the Screen section. 



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